• 2016 Kids Count Databook - June 21, 2016 - The Annie E. Casey Foundation's 2016 KIDS COUNT Data Book finds today's youth - Generation Z - are healthier and completing high school on time despite mounting economic inequality and increasingly unaffordable college tuition. Aided by smart policies and investments in prevention, a record number of teens are making positive choices. This year, the annual report focuses on key trends in child well-being in the post-recession years and offers recommendations for how policymakers can ensure all children are prepared for the future, based on the country’s shared values of opportunity, responsibility and security.
  • Afterschool Public Service Announcements (PSAs) - Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are non-commercial advertisements focusing on social issues. They are intended to modify public attitudes by raising awareness of a specific issue or concern.
  • How Data is Transforming Education - Metro Nashville Schools and NAZA use school data to figure out what kind of afterschool programs are the right fit for the kids in their communities.
  • In-Kind Donations and Partnerships - In-kind contributions can play a major role in your program's funding plan and provide much-needed resources, while one of the greatest strengths of afterschool programs and initiatives is their ability to engage the support and involvement of a variety of partners.
  • Know Your Funders: A Guide to STEM Funding for Afterschool - The federal government as well as private philanthropies and corporations are increasingly investing in a variety of STEM education initiatives. This guide will help you understand and reach these potential funders.
  • Marketing Afterschool - Building support in your community is critical in making sure that your program is around for the long haul, and Afterschool Alliance has a toolbox full of resources to help build visibility for your program.
  • Media Tools for Afterschool - Learn how the media works and how to work with it, how to pitch your program to the media to gain attention, and more.
  • Role of Local Businesses in Afterschool - Corporate Voices for Working Families has created a suite of tools to help facilitate the connection between business and afterschool.
  • Social Media Tools - With more and more people looking to social media to stay in the know about community news and events, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are important places to reach your audience (and find new supporters!).
  • Sponsorship for Your Afterschool Program - Find tips on attracting and sustaining sponsorship opportunities at your next afterschool events.


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