• Active Hours Afterschool - Afterschool programs are well-positioned to be key partners in a comprehensive effort to fight childhood obesity and work towards lifelong health for our youth.

  • Afterschool & Health: Opportunities for Advocacy - This site provides an overview of the Local Wellness Policy requirement and outlines steps that afterschool advocates can take to get involved in the policy process and become partners in their communities' efforts to promote healthy lifestyles among youth.

  • Bipartisan Summer Meals Act Introduced in Senate to Help Close Hunger Gap - The legislation would significantly improve the reach of the Summer Nutrition Programs so more children can access healthy meals in supportive summer learning and afterschool programs.

  • ​​New Afterschool Report Released at Congressional Staff Briefing - New data, an update on the out-of-school time Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) standards, compelling afterschool program profiles and a nutritious lunch were all highlighted in a briefing for Congressional staff on March 10 on Capitol Hill.


  • Afterschool Alliance - The Afterschool Alliance is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of afterschool programs and advocating for more afterschool investments to ensure that all children have access to affordable, quality afterschool programs. This site has a wealth of resources about afterschool issues, research, advocacy and more.
  • Afterschool Issue Overview - Afterschool Alliance, 2013. An overview of issues related to afterschool: funding, public opinion, and outcomes of high-quality programs.
  • Afterschool STEM HUB - A site where advocates for high-quality afterschool programming in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) will find useful tools to make the case for expanding and supporting innovative and engaging informal STEM learning. 
  • Hours of OpportunityRand Education, commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, 2010. This 3-volume report helps understand the promise and challenges of citywide coordination of afterschool programs with other institutions like schools, parks, and other community organizations.
  • Out-of-School Time Issue Brief - United Way Worldwide, 2012. This report from the global United Way organization details what afterschool is, why it’s important, and recommendations for supporting it within communities. It incorporates voices from various United Way directors across America and lessons learned from on-the-ground workers.
  • STEM Afterschool: It’s Time to Activate! - A messaging toolkit to make the case for STEM in afterschool. Developed by the Frameworks Institute in partnership with the Afterschool STEM Hub.
  • The National Assessment Landscape: What Does High-quality Look Like? - A primer to help state policymakers better understand the role of tests, the characteristics of assessments, and the current assessment landscape.
  • Toolkit for Expanding Learning - The Expanding Learning & Afterschool Project, 2013. A toolkit for those looking to strengthen the foundations of afterschool programs in their communities.

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Please contact Members of Congress to encourage them to continue afterschool funding under ESEA (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

Visit Afterschool Alliance to find talking points and to send a message to your representatives.